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Most Rod manufacturers have stopped selling blanks directly to the consumer. Sage and Epic are one of the few that continues this practice. You can purchase blanks from other manufacturers through their dealer program. Some dealers will only sell blanks if they are building a custom rod for you. Manufacturers that are providing blanks are Sage, Epic, Winston, Temple Fork Outfitters, Pac Bay, and Batson


Sage X Series, 3 to 11 wt

The X rod’s fast action taper built with our KonneticHD Technology delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop - creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler.


Sage Igniter, 4 to 10 wt

The most demanding conditions require a different kind of tool. Strong head wind? Fish at distance? Bulky rigs? Heavy sink-tips? The IGNITER is tuned to handle the most technical of conditions. Not a rod for the everyday angler, the IGNITER is equipped with a high line speed taper to carry large amounts of line at distance with wind cutting performance. Perfect for streamer fishing with heavy sink tips or covering big water when conditions turn south.


Sage ESN, 2 to 4 wt

Our new ESN was designed specifically for Europeanstyle nymphing techniques developed to maximize catch rates. Built with a KonneticHD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand, and superior shock absorption to better hold fish. The refined medium action has been designed with a variety of long and short line techniques and situations in mind, allowing you to confidently work any stretch of river.


Sage Trout LL, 3 to 6 wt

With a delicate touch and medium action, the TROUT LL family has been designed with the trout angler and dry flies in mind. Through blank taper optimization and specialized length offerings, the TROUT LL is perfected for wade fishing, closer casts, small flies, and light tippets. A relatively supple tip maximizes light tippet protection and gives way to a smooth easy-loading mid-section that increases feel and feedback throughout the casting stroke.


Sage Dart, 0 to 4 wt

The small water DART features a short-range fast action for chasing wary trout in still and clear water, close quarters, or obstacle-ridden streamsides. Specifically designed to drive precise loops under the branches of a willow while still providing delicate presentations and delightful feedback to the angler. The 0-4wt models at 7'6" provide the backbone of this family with ultra-light performance, while the shorter model in a 3wt provides a specialty tool to the angler looking for accuracy in extremely confined areas.

370 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank, 3 wt.

The 3 weight you don't have to baby-sit. Our Epic 370 is a subtle, lightweight yet very strong fly rod blank perfect for small trout, cutties and Brook Trout. Built using FastGlass™ this is the 3 wt that really is one tough customer. Far stronger and robust than any Carbon Fibre (graphite) fly rod, the 370 allows you to fish very fine tippets and leaders yet have confidence in a rod that is tough and extremely robust.

Packlight - the super versatile 5 piece glass travel blank, 4 wt  

Head for the hills, answer the call and pack in your favorite adventure stick. We've taken our amazing 476 blank and reconfigured it as a 5 piece travel rod, now small and compact  enough to easily slip down the side of a backpack or rucksack. A mere 1.62 ounces, only 19 inches (in the sack) and incredibly tough.


Smoother than Barry White, 5wt

The 580 is super versatile, super smooth and just slick as all hell. Our personal favourite, the Epic 580 is the perfect dry fly rod.

Our Epic™ 580 is crafted from Unidirectional S2 Glass, this material is stiffer and stronger than e-glass or standard s-glass. The 580 is a super smooth and extremely versatile fly rod blank.



The Epic 686 is the most popular 6 weight glass blank on the market

The Epic 686 has gained cult status over the past few years and we've seen many imitators try to replicate the magic of this fly rod. There is only one - and this is it! Regarded by industry pro's and glass aficionados world wide as the best glass 6wt made, the Epic 686 presents beautifully but packs a bad ass attitude. Perfect for tossing big flies, swinging streamers and light saltwater work. The 686 is as strong as an ox, super smooth and extremely versatile.  


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