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Hexagenia Spinner
Tying Instructions
Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)
  • Hook: TMC 2312 #8-10
  • Thread: Danville Yellow 6/0
  • Abdomen: Yellow Elk Hair
  • Thorax: Yellow Superfine
  • Wingcase: 2mm Yellow Foam
  • Wing: Yellow Elk Hair and Yellow Krystal Flash

      Actual Hex Spinner
      Hex Spinner

Notes: This fly was developed by Dave Lucca. Hexagenia's are reknown for the Great Lakes region and many of the hex patterns originate from that area. Certain areas, such as Lake Almanor, within the Sierras also have excellent Hex hatches which provide a unique experience. The Hex nymphs emerge from lake bottoms during the night usually just after dusk. Anticipating the hatch, you start by nymph fishing. The hatch does not really start until about 9:00 to 10:00 pm when the nymphs emerge and the duns start to appear. The duns need about a day to mature and molt into an adult. During the following night, the females and males mate in giant swarms and within minutes of mating the females drops to the lake surface to drop her eggs and die. This is when you want to start using this spinner pattern. The excitement of these big mayflies dropping onto the water, the noise of the trout gulping the choice morsels, and the blackness of the night leave a memorable experience.

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