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$3.50 pkg of 24

CH5 X-small 5/32"
CH3 Small 3/16"
CH7 Medium 7/32"
CH1 Large 1/4"


Types: Black Nickel, Gold, Copper, and Nickel
Sizes: 5/32" (X-Small), 3/16" (Small), 7/32" (Medium), 1/4" (Large)

The Cone head is one of the coolest ways to add sparkle and weight to streamers and nymphs and steelhead flies and all sorts of submerged flies that attract fish to the dinner table. Brass cone heads provide a modest amount of weight and are available in black, brass, copper and nickel finishes that are outstandingly durable. Brass cone heads are available in sizes from 5/32" to 1/4" and thusly fit a lot of hooks. Incredibly effective for getting streamers down deep. The flash and jig action they provide help to attract fish. Nontoxic and noncorroding. Recommended hook sizes for each cone head size — 1/4" (Large): sizes 1/0,1, 2 ; 7/32" (Medium): sizes 2, 4; 3/16" (Small): sizes 2, 4; 5/32" (X-Small): sizes 4, 6, 8.