Milt's Hexagenia Nymph

Milt's Hexagenia Nymph

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Milt's Hexagenia Nymph
Tying Instructions
  • Hook: TMC 200R #4-8
  • Thread: Danville Yellow 6/0
  • Eyes: Black Chain Bead Eyes
  • Ribbing: Copper Wire
  • Abdomen: Golden Stone Haretron
  • Tail: Ginger Saddle Hackle
  • Back: Mottled Oak Turkey Tail
  • Gills: Ginger Saddle Hackle, fluffy portion
  • Wingcase: Mottled Oak Turkey Tail
  • Thorax: Golden Stone Haretron
  • Legs: Turkey Flat, Tan

Notes: The late Michael Fong wrote a nice article for "Fly Fisherman Magazine" entitled, "Western Hex Fishing". I believe it was in the mid-Nineties. He highlighted fishing Lake Almanor with Guide Milt Jensen who created this fly. His recipe called for a ribbing of "36 Gauge brass beading wire" and using a wrapped Ginger or Brown Saddle Hackle for the legs. He mentioned that Milt preferred Furnace Saddle Butts for the gills and tail but also used a natural brown saddle with a silvery, medium dun coloration. Michael also called for an epoxy finish to be applied to the wing case and head carapace for a glossy appearance.
Michael indicated that this fly could be fished in open water for the trout but that smallmouth bass would like to hit this fly around structure.

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