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Uni 6/0 & 8/0 Thread

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Danville Thread

$3.00 each

Fifteen Colors: Black, Rusty Brown, White, Red, Orange, Camel, Olive, Tan, Gray, Light Cahill, Dark Brown, Purple, Olive Dun, Yellow, Chartreuse, Wine

An exceptionally strong thread for it's diameter. The polyester thread lies somewhat flat and is lightly waxed. Excellent for small flies and securing dense body materials such as quills. It does not split well. The 6/0 thread is a 135 denier with a 0.041 mm dimeter and a breaking strength of 930 grams. The 8/0 thread is a 72 denier with a 0.051 mm diameter and a breaking strength of 450 grams. 200 yd. Spools. See Color Chart.