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Brassie Hair Packers

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Brassie Hair Packer


This tool is important for those that work with spun deer hair. It was designed by Chris Helms and has become popular due ot it's simplicity and ease. Made of tempered brass, the brassie is available in three sizes for a wide range of hook sizes and is 1 3/4" long.

  • 1/32" - hook sizes 10 - 18
  • 3/64" - hook sizes 1/0 - 8
  • 1/16" - hook sizes 2/0 - 6/0

Select the proper size for the fly you are tying and squeeze the tool just enough to enclose the grooves of the tool around the hook shank. Push the tool firmly against the spun hair to compress the material. Multiple applications will create a nicely packed hair body that can be trimmed to your desired shape.

Sold individually.