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Glass Beads

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Glass Beads

$1.75 each

Colors: Irr. Crystal, Irr. White, S/L Silver, S/L Gold, TR Red*,S/L Red**, Orange, TR Root Beer, Irr. Caddis Green*, Irr. Caddis Yellow*, OP. Black
Sizes: Midge 1.3mm (sizes 18-24), Small 2.0mm (sizes 12-18), Medium 2.8mm (sizes 8-12), Large 3.5mm (sizes 8 to larger)
*Available in Midge and Small sizes only **Available in Medium and Large only

Glass Beads in four sizes to match the hook size. Eco-friendly without leaving metal within the streambed. Used mainly for body coloration and segmentation. Transparent Red, Caddis Green and Caddis Yellow are available in Midge and Small Sizes only. S/L Red is available in Medium and Large only. (Irr) stands for irridescent, (S/L) Silver-lined, (TR) Transparent, and (OP) Opalescent. Midge contains about 200 beads per pack, Small 100 beads per pack, Medium 50 beads per pack, and Large 20 beads per pack ,.